Monday, January 18, 2016

Madrid, Spain: Palacio Royale and Buen Retiro Park

The Royal Palace of Madrid is where the Royal Family is supposed to live, and at one time did reside. However now you are able to tour the inside and it is only used officially for ceremonies. Construction started in 1738 and the first King to live in the palace was in 1764. It was restored in 1973. 
Out of all the places we visited in Madrid, Palacio Royale is by far the most beautiful. There are fountains and gardens that surround the palace as well as a sweet playground ( kid points!)

Remember when we talked about how the sun doesn't come up until like 9:30??? Well, this is us at Palacio Royal at about 9:00 in the morning! It was SO dark and honestly I stink at how to make my camera adjust the light without that ugly flash.

Buen Retiro Park

El Retiro Park is the largest park in Madrid. Now, when I hear park I picture tons of slides and kids playgrounds. This park did have some of those but it's main focal point is the man made lake in the center. It's gorgeous and on a sunny day (it was 30 degrees when we were there) you can find boats that you can rent to ride around in the water to overlook the Monument to Alfonso XII. It was wonderful, much like The Royal Palace this monument was built hundreds of years ago and it is nothing short of 'grand.' I just LOVE the sights in Spain because they are all on such a different level than those in Asia. In Asia many are focused on temples and yes, I love them but really it's nice to see the architecture and marble statues. Definitely a good change of pace.

We tried to self timer this one, but it was sitting on the stroller Ian was passed out in. We tried. 

The opposite side of the monument there is a street where tons of people are running and biking and getting their much needed PT in. We however indulged on one of the big 'things' of Madrid which are churros dipped in chocolate. Basically it's all about the chocolate. I let Stella just drink the chocolate straight from the cup. Blame it on the cold ;)

Just walking around in Madrid their are monuments/statues and beautiful architecture everywhere. The biggest downfall I would say is all of the cigarettes!!!!! I swear like everyone was smoking. They would smoke right next to you, in the restaurants, everywhere.... 

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