Sunday, October 8, 2017

I'm BACK! Well, maybe..

Hello again.
So, I realized after my Dad died that I really was not happy, I was having a hard time after the move, new job, new commute, new friends etc etc. However, it was looking a little dreary on here. So, I decided I would halt all blogging until I felt better.
A few weeks back one of my friends told me her husband had read my blog and said, " He was reading your blog and talked about how you basically have everything you were saying you didn't have in the post!" So, I decided to check out the last thing I wrote.. "I'm Jealous." 
He was TOTALLY right. My life has done a full 180 since then and I am so thankful!
Of coarse there are always the same dilemmas, kids who don't sleep, husbands who don't cook, laundry that doesn't fold itself... But, my overall demeanor is positive and happy again, which I am immensely grateful I was able to get here. Losing a parent is hard, it tries you in ways you never would imagine, but for some reason God has put me through a lot in my life and I guess it's just to make me stronger, or make me extremely well versed in what not to do...
I love you guys, all 5 of you that read my blog. So, Annie and Mickelle... 
Thanks for moving to San Diego, and Thank you to my new neighborhood friends, I would be lost without you all.   Oh, and that hot husband of mine, pretty thankful for him too.
Back to the Chaos.... 

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  1. I love this post, not just because I get a shout out ;) You have had a tough year. I'm glad things are looking a little sunnier hopefully! Love you!