Friday, January 29, 2016

Lisbon, Portugal : Torre de Belem, Praca do Cómercio and Azulejos

Torre de Belem 
Built in the sixteenth century this was a watch tower for looking out over the ocean. Lisbon has many monuments to note/acknowledge the age of discovery over land and sea. It was breathtaking.
 Mosterios dos Jeronimos

 The historic sites in Lisbon were by far my favorite of the entire trip. Where Barcelona was bursting with adventure and excitement of the 'new'. I felt that Lisbon was a great look into the past. Most of the buildings were extremely well preserved, although a huge earthquake destroyed the majority in the 14th century many things were rebuilt. 

The Azulejos (tiles) all over Lisbon tell a story. The sidewalks, buildings, churches, restaurants. parks, everything. You can tell the era and dates things were made by the colors, patterns and designs  made through the gorgeous ceramic azulejos. They first were used to decorate churches but advanced into a distinguishing factor that only Lisboa, Portugal can be identified with.

I just marveled at it all. I wish I had more pictures of it!

This was a prison ^^^

Praca do Comercio
This is the main square in Lisbon Portugal. One of the places completely demolished during the huge earthquake, so the designs/tiles are all of newer design. This all looks over the Balearic Sea.

Happy New Year in Lisbon, Portugal! We ate at Block Steak house where their steak was bought from Hereford, Texas! Well, if anyone knows my family they are cattle farmers in HEREFORD, TEXAS ya'll, we could have eaten Uncle Pat's cows that night and boy were they yummy. 

^^ Best Gelato and maccaroons I have EVER tasted! It was Jamoca flavored... come on all my Arby's lovers!!! 

 We got rained out 2/4 days in Lisbon. So, we spent a lot of time watching movies in Portugese. The kids didn't mind at all and my feet were thankful. I wish I saw more of Lisbon but I am forever grateful for our time there and that our trip was coming to a close! I hate to say it but, after two weeks of eating out for every meal and walking 7+ miles a day carrying my tubba love I was ready to head back to Okinawa. 

We enjoyed the big'o tub at the Hilton Airport Madrid and the next morning we headed home!

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