Friday, February 19, 2016

Why do babies grow up?! : Henry 7 months

7 months WHAT!? 

I know, usually this is on a 6 month interval type thing. But at 6 I wasn't quite as sad as I am now at 7 months looking at how big my baby has become.

Also, I have a little confession and I hope that someone out there is with me?!?

Since we decided that this is our last baby I have been such a mess watching him grow. Plus I seriously think I became addicted to taking pregnancy tests. I have never taken more than I have since having this little guy.

I don't know if it's like secretly I hope it's going to say yes, or if I am just scared to death of getting pregnant again, either way I just don't get it. I am happy and sad. Henry now will only sleep in his bed, he doesn't want anything to do with me while he is asleep and kicks and whines until you take him back to his bed. So that's nice. I have my bed back. But some little part of me doesn't want this to be my last. Maybe it's just because right now I am soaking in all the baby goodness of this sweet handsome chunk we have. Maybe it's because I am only 26 and I am done. DONE having kids. It's weird to think that part of me is over, when most of my friends didn't start until they were 26 or older.

I know eventually I will be more at ease with my three perfect humans being my only. But they're just all so dang cute I could just make more and more and more.

Well, I'm going to go sulk a little and hold this tubba as often as I can. I may babywear him until he goes to kindergarten so just don't judge me.

Here's some cute pictures of the chunk. His big sister ( who just turned 6, I know shoot me) made a cameo in there too! 


P.S. I may really need to start working again, or this blogging thing may get obnoxious.

Those eyes just melt me right down to the core!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nakijin Castle Ruins: Cherry Blossoms

Nakijin Castle Ruins 
In Okinawa there are a few places to see Sakura during blossom season. Most are up North and a good hour and a half drive for the majority of military families living here. We had gone to Nago last year in search of good blossoms without any luck. Sunday we went to Mt. Yaedake and it was gorgeous up the mountain but you couldn't stop to really enjoy them so on Tuesday we set out to look one last time. We went to Nakijin Castle Ruins for this and goodness we got LUCKY! They were PERFECTION. I have friends who have lived on the island and not gotten to see them so full on the trees as we were here. So, if you are in Okinawa GO NOW! Take the kids out of school ( I didn't say that) and head up to Nakijin Castle Ruins before they are gone for the year. 
By the way, the castle ruins are also pretty awesome to check out. Due to typhoons here the castle is less preserved as many castles we have seen in other countries but it has been here since the 14th century. The way the Japanese/Okinawan/Ryuku Kingdom built their castles was far different in comparison to Castelo De Sao Jorge we visited in Portugal so it was neat showing Stella how different the world is. I would say this is a must see, even when it is not Sakura season. Put it on your OkiBucketlist!  
     All in all I am telling you RUN don't walk and get up North to see the Sakura now, you won't be disappointed! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Japanese Cherry Blossoms : Mt. Yaedake

Sakura blossoms
The first year getting on the island was a whirlwind, so I missed the cherry blossoms and last year I went and saw them but they weren't quite ready. This is our final year so I wanted to make sure I got the FULL Cherry Blossom Experience! They are blooming late this year due to the abnormal cold we got in mid-January BUT to my luck they were in full glory on Mt. Yaedake on Valentines day. 

I have to say, the roads were covered with breathtaking views of cherry blossoms but, I couldn't really stop to get those photos. Plus, even at the best parts it was scary to have the kids on the side of the mountain. So, just believe me when I say the pictures don't do it justice and if you ever get the chance to go see them in real life you need to. You can smell them just walking down the roads and really they just allude all things Japanese. Peaceful, friendly, inviting and breathtaking. 

Two years ago Valentines day ceased to exist when my Kyle went to heaven. Him and I growing up always made fun of people who loved to plant flowers and garden. He would be making fun of me more than anyone in this world with all these posts about flowers. I can just hear him in my head saying, " Damn KaDee, look at you and your big old family, are you sure you aren't mormon??" Man, what I would do to have you making fun of me again. I miss you every single day and it never gets easier but today, I felt you with me looking at those flowers and driving up that windy mountain like we did at Mt. Charleston. I don't think this will ever get easier, I just pray I never forget our memories. These flowers are for you brother. I love you and miss you.

Stella saw a bee! At least she tried to save Henry.. Oh my life.

Henry of coarse had to steal the show and decide to finally crawl while we were playing!!!! 

In one week I have gone to Zanpa, the beach, seen the cosmos, went to the lantern festival and found cherry blossoms at Mt. Yae…. if I am not trying to get my Okinawa bucket list done then I think I may have lost my mind. BUT ITS JUST SO FREAKING GORGEOUS I CAN'T HELP IT!!!!!

Lantern Festival : Murasaki Mura

Lantern festival at Murasaki Mura
All Stella cared about was the Yakitori. This girl LOVES Japanese cuisine.
It looked like Ian would be obsessed finding a Mickey lantern but, Ian started throwing Woody at it! Right here it went in the hole and these ladies are trying to help him get woody out. 


Cosmo Flower fields: Kin Town


Okinawa is known for its beauty, that we all know. But these special little flowers called cosmos are some of the most beautiful dainty little flowers I have ever seen. Here in Okinawa they have some sort of significance, however no one has been able to confirm what that exactly is. All I know is that farmers spend a lot of time farming/planting these so that in early spring ( January/February) everyone can enjoy their beauty. 

I took the boys while Stella was in school and Ian just had the time of his life. We were the only ones there for a while, so that's why I am only in one I tried to time. 


I sure am going to miss getting ready for Spring by searching for these blossoms on the island.