Thursday, January 14, 2016

Family Pictures 2015

A lot has been going on in the last 3 months so I am really trying to catch up on some old posts I meant to post. 

I was in the states for 6 weeks visiting my Dad, so I missed some of the fun on the island. I missed the last Marine Corps Ball on Okinawa to go with my hubs, as well as Thanksgiving. I am 0/3 in Thanksgivings on the island during this PCS lol. 

When I got back from the states there was 1 week until Alvie went to Singapore and then when he returned there were 3 days until we left for Spain. SO in true Katelyn fashion I needed to squeeze something important in there. We hadn't done any family pictures since Henry was born so I really was happy I did this. 

Here are the best ones. 

This picture of Stella cracks me up, because the photographer LOVED it, however at the time she was doing this I was SO mad because she was actin a fool. She was actually the hardest to cooperate for these photos, go figure.

 This picture of Alvaro and I just makes me so happy. 1. Jamie got a great pic of me (haha everyone wants one and rarely we get one) 2. It really shows how much we love each other,  I am pretty sure I was making fun of something he was doing and that got an actual genuine smile out of him. I sure am lucky to be in love with my best friend.

Jamie Pearson took our photos and I really am happy with how they turned out!

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