Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reminiscing over 1 week

 This sweet little babe is already 1 month old! I listen and read almost everyday about other Mom's being super sad about their babies getting bigger, and that it just goes by so fast. Now that I know this is my last baby I have been feeling COMPLETELY the way everyone says. It's honestly depressing watching your baby get larger before your eyes. With Stella and Ian they stayed small for a while, they weren't huge babies and although they ate well, they grew slowly. I now am taking for granted all of that time I had with them because this little chunker is getting big so fast! I just want him to stop growing, keep staring at me and sleeping on my chest forever.  I am sure that tomorrow on his 1 month I will take some photos of him to remember him at 1 month, but for now I am reminiscing over these photos taken on his 1 WEEK! Boy, has he already grown already.....

 These are my favorite kissie lips ever!  He does this pose all the time, I swear it's like he is blowing me kisses.

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