Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pictures are SUCH a breeze...

Hey again! 
Can we please talk about instagram for a second. How everyone (or it seems like) posts the most adorable gorgeous pictures of their children, like daily.... or at least weekly. So I mean, they have to be taking these pictures themselves right???? No one literally has photographers in their home every week.... or maybe they do. Or maybe they have angels for children, or they really respond to bribes. But, we'll just leave it at these pictures were a nightmare. We did it first thing in the morning after breakfast thinking everyone would be nice and happy..  

^^^^ Ian looks happy right???? 

So, kids don't care about the cute pictures you saw on IG or pinterest or honestly ANY picture for that matter. Stella responds to bargaining with time/out and quite frankly Henry is just a saint for letting these two pass him back and forth while I poke and prod. But I HIGHLY doubt I will be trying to take any pictures like this again for a while. I mean between Ian breaking down in fits, Stella getting VERY upset that I made her take her shirt off and the dang cat who wouldn't get the heck out of the pictures, I was exhausted and it was 8 am. But hey! Look how CUTE they are!!!!  I am no photographer, but I tried.... 

Henry is now 1 month old!! 
Depressing and adorable at the same time. I'll just be in my room crying about going back to work... it's sad, so so sad.

Basically I am envious of all those IG Moms. With their 6 beautiful, perfectly dressed children all posing perfectly for their picture, I shouldn't be jealous.... but I am just a wee bit.

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