Sunday, October 8, 2017

Family pictures 2017

Pictures are always complete chaos.
Besides the 24 hours I stressed trying to pick out outfits, which ended up in 50 shades of blue...
It's just crazy trying to get so many people to appear happy, when most are hungry, tired and cranky at 5:30pm on any given day.
But, this year I was pretty suprised! We went with Ann Vestal Photography. She is a newer photographer which I like because they usually devote more time to you, and are much nicer for my budget.
Ian Henry and Stella all showed their personalities in these photos. I love it. At one point we were trying to take photos from above while the three laid in the grass and Ian grabbed Stella and started kissing her!! It was HILARIOUS, which all things Ian are. He must have been in a kissy mood because he also has a great shot looking at Alvie and I kissing and puckering up.
Stella loved keeping the hype up and Henry just didn't want to take a photo without me about 1 foot away from him. Henry also has taken on the role of tiny tyrant so it's fun to watch him try to boss everyone around.
Here are my favorites...


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