Saturday, August 29, 2015

Middle child problems....

Middle child problems

Ian turned 2 a month ago... and I am JUST posting this. Poor kid, already falling to the middle child stereotype. Well, Ian turned 2 two days after Henry was born. Therefore we knew we couldn't have a big party for risks of going into labor/not being able to follow through. So, I knew we would just do his little party at school! Sadly, the day of Ian's party at school was the day my spinal headache returned.... I was in tears in my friends office at her work about how much pain I was in and how I just felt so utterly terrible. Luckily anesthesia came right over and was going to do another blood patch epidural for me right away to help alleviate the pain, again. ( #5 epidural I am on). BUT! I would miss Ian's party at school.... I was crying, from pain and from feeling like I was abandoning my little guy on his birthday. I tried to walk my bum out of there to go to his party, but realized it wasn't going to happen, so Alvie came through with the best Dad award, picked up the cupcakes and filled in for me at the party.  He even said Ian never asked for me (tear**) it breaks my heart. I love all my kids so much I just feel like I want to be there for every exciting or special moment in each of their lives, but I guess with more you just have to realize that the moments that are special, are the ones when you're all together no matter if that's making cookie-brownies and throwing some candles on top at home and calling it a party. It's what we do, we love these munchkins more than anything and I am SO thankful God gave me each special crazy one to melt my heart in a million different ways.

His favorite presents were the mickey mouse fork, spook and bowl... GO figure.. I love 2 year olds.

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