Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 States Vacation: The downhill slope home [3]

 The trip coming to a close was.... nice. I love being on Vacation, hanging out with family but boy let me tell you, after all of the flights, car rides and battling toddler tantrums I was getting a little homesick. (Mostly of daycare)

We decided that Disneyland was just going to be too much for one day (with me being all huge and the kids being crank butts) so we decided to hit a closer spot with LEGOLAND! My mom wasn't as thrilled because she's a true Disney lover, but I have to admit the prices and the pre-school friendliness ( AND NO LINES) of LEGOLAND did the amusement park trick. Ian loved it and was smiling and giggling on the rides and Stella was just in heaven! She was able to ride EVERY ride and boy did she get her money's worth.

The best part was Stella's first Rollercoaster equipped with butterfly sustaining drops. Her facial expression in the pictures was priceless and the " Mom I am going to throw up, I really think I am going to throw up," comments throughout the ride kept me laughing the rest of the day. But, all in all it was a great time.

Alvie got to actually have some man time with his buddies and get another round of golf in. That makes golfing in EACH of the States we visited, although the Dimmit course was questionable. It was nice having my mom to myself so she could really get time with the kids and Ian even seemed to warm up to her, a little. Overall this was a great trip!

After cleaning up in LEGOLAND we grabbed a quick bite of dinner with Henry, Chelsea and the kids and then after one more sleep headed back to LA the final DESTINATION.
LA was HOT, the first time we had been hot in the entire trip, but luckily it warmed us up for the Humidity in Okinawa that was waiting for us. We got some quality time with the family and then some delicious dinner.
Sadly however my eventful trip was not over yet. 2 hours before we were to leave LAX for Japan Ian broke out in a rash ALL over his body with some mild swelling in his hands and feet. We made the decision to just keep on with the trip and load him with some Benadryl to make the flight bearable.
We ended up having a MUCH better flight than the one to the states which was SUCH a blessing because that first one was a nightmare. However Ian's rash had not gone down, but instead got worse. So, another ER trip for us in the books, which makes 2 in 3 weeks. Some Steroids, a histamine blocker and more Benadryl and we were set to go. I had to delay going back to work 1 day but all in all Wednesday morning we all woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed and sooo thankful for a full nights sleep and being in our own beds.
There is something about vacation that really makes you thankful for your own home. Ian has been running around yelling YAYYYYY grabbing toys and playing with our kitty cat Taiyo.
This trip was a blessing and something we all really needed, to see our family and fill up on some delicious American foods we have been missing, but now.... BABY TIME!

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