Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Weekend

The last few months have been a blur. Getting excited about baby #3 as well as Stella starting soccer has really left so little time to do much else but run around on Saturdays getting errands and soccer games done. I also am finishing up my bachelors so I have doubled up on courses the last 5 weeks to try and finish before we head off to visit the good ol U.S.A.

Easter weekend is always such a blessing to reflect back on and really teach our children what the truth of Easter is about. My Mom sent Stella an awesome book that talks about what Easter is about and it really has brought up soooo many questions from Stella.

Ultimately, Stella is sooo smart and soo thankful for what Jesus has done for her. She tells me all the time how she is lucky Jesus saved her from her sins, because never listens to her teachers and so she says she needs a lot of forgiveness.

So, today on Easter Sunday we are thinking about our many blessings. One of which is friendship, we got to spend our morning with Stella and Ian's very best friends while their parents ran a race, also I am just so thankful I have made it through these last 8 weeks of soccer with my sanity. Each week is a struggle and every day I feel like I couldn't have made it through without him. Looking forward to the next 5 weeks with a LITTLE downtime.

Here are a few pictures of a wonderful weekend filled with love, friendship, sports and lots and lots of treats! 

Stella said that the reason she played so hard this game is because, " I wanted to WIN mom!!!" 
Go figure, if only I would have told her that from day 1.

 This is right as Stella ran away with an egg and told me, " Mom, I put one egg away in a warm spot so that it can hatch into a chick." 45 minutes later I find the egg inside a hole of her teddy bear stuffed inside the fluff.. Oy vey.

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