Monday, June 29, 2015

Baby boy, beautiful sunsets and awesome women!

 Cheers to adding babies to your family!

This weekend my AMAZING friends Laura and Nicole decided to throw me a surprise shower with all of my awesome friends from work. I couldn't believe every single person there was a medical provider in some way, nurses, dentists, surgeon etc. It was so funny, because you could just tell the conversations that were going on were medically based. I love it! ( Not that I don't love all my non-medical friends you're all special too :) )

We enjoyed a beautiful dinner on the patio of Sea Garden overlooking the ocean. It was high tide and although the heat is pretty brutal right now the breeze off the ocean was a perfect addition and made Sunday night such a treat.

I just LOVED this adorable cake!! It's hilarious because if anyone knows my family, they have an elephant obsession so this surprise touched home.

Thank you to all of my amazing friends, I wouldn't be able to get through most work days without your support, friendship and snacks. Thank you to Nicole (^^ Hottie surgeon above)  and Laura for throwing this, and Haruna for taking these wonderful pictures. It was such a fun girls night!

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