Friday, February 13, 2015

Taipei, Taiwan: Through Stella Mae

Taipei, Taiwan

Lately the whole family has not been as excited about taking pictures at every turn and with every little thing we see different. Ian classically gives us the grump face

While Alvie decides to give me this half/annoyed half/yawn type of look. (This was the subway, showing grump + I don't want to take a picture face.)

So naturally there is still one in my family excited about every picture. That's my Stella. She will jump at every opportunity. She asks me to take pictures of her with any sign, action figure, Mcdonalds, temple, castle or bathroom that she lays her eyes on. Therefore, we shall see Taipei through Miss Stella Mae.

The bus to the Airplane!

The second day in Taipei we went to the famous MaoKong Gondolas and the Taipei Zoo. We tried out the delicious  Din Tai Fung dumplings!

We got a few shots of the whole family. But mostly... Stella.

On to day 3! 
Chiang Kai-Shek and the Taipei 101. 

The one great thing I will say about Taipei is how accommodating and simple their public transportation was. We took the subways the entire trip and had absolutely no problems. The people all looked at us funny but were so sweet and gave up a seat for Stella and whoever was holding Ian EVERY time we got on the subway.  

Taipei was not exactly what I was expecting seeing as it is a very large city and really has "city" life. So I have been told, since I have never been to New York this in kinda what I would imagine, except everyone being a little nicer and speaking another language. 

The streets were busy, there were shops and restaurants everywhere and there was a LOT of American shops/restaurants. But, there was one huge downside..... Stinky Tofu (fermented tofu) The smell was HORRENDOUS and just about every place we went had some of it brewing. 

Besides that I think we would definitely go back to Taipei, Taiwan. Just an hour and a half flight from Okinawa and some of our FAVORITE American food!

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