Friday, January 16, 2015

Bali, Indonesia: Villas, monkeys and rice paddies [1]

In all of the time Alvaro and I have been together we have never been on an airplane together. We have lived in two countries, 5 states and 8 homes however somehow in all those thousands of miles of travel, we never did it together. SO, we figured we should start with a bang on an awesome Vacation with our family. 

Thanksgiving week 2014 we travel to Bali, Indonesia. 

The first few days we stayed in the Maya Loka Villas in Seminyak. It was amazing, at the time we weren't as impressed because we didn't like that the living room was outside and therefore without AC. But looking back now we wish we stayed there longer. 

Having our own private pool was probably the coolest part! While waiting for breakfast to be delivered every morning we would just jump on in. The kids had the best time here and the staff was so amazing and helpful with all of our 'kid' requests. 

We went up to Ubud, Bali on the second day to visit the Monkey temple and see the famous rice paddy fields. 

The monkeys are pretty forward, they just help themselves to whatever they see and can reach in your backpack. Here I had no idea the monkey had stolen my phone!!! We had to chase him to get the phone back and someone threw a bunch of little rocks before he finally let it go! 

Here the monkey stole my hand sanitizer and was drinking it, he probably had a baaaaad stomach ache later. 

We had quite the funny time with the monkeys, here the monkey was about to try to steal my water bottle. 

Stella tried to stop him and then this happened!! Needless to say, we didn't have the monkeys climbing on our shoulders for cool pictures after the few incidents we had. 

Next up was the Rice paddy fields. Our awesome driver (they just chauffeur you around all day for a set price and know the best spots) brought us to this amazing restaurant looking over the fields! Stella and I shared an Avocado juice and threw food over the edge to an abandoned puppy who looked hungry. 

The difference the facial expressions are once she has some food!!! 

Now, I do not like coconut. But, fresh coconut was deeelish.

Balinese Markets! Was definitely..... an experience! 

This was the beaches in Kuta. There were vendors all over the place selling stuff as well as doing your nails while you're just hanging out on the beach! It was pretty awesome. We rented some boogie boards and had a blast. 
 Ian was a superstar with all the Balinese people! Everywhere we went they wanted to take pictures with Stella, Ian or I. I guess Alvie's tan wasn't helping him in this place :)

That was the first half of our trip! It was suuuch a blast and then it only continued through the next 4 days! I am so blessed my husband and I have such wonderful jobs that allowed us to travel and get some much needed family time. 
See part two here!

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