Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Best Nursing Judgement

Nursing for me has always been thought of as a stepping stone, path to lead me to the final stop on my career train. That's why last year I applied to the Nurse Practitioner program at USD and was accepted. I was really excited. But, then the entire summer I was torn between if this was the right decision for me, for us, for forever. 
I guess the back story here is that I always wanted to go to CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) school. I wanted to do anesthesia. But, due to the military obligations with my husband getting into an ICU right out of school was just out of the question. I found myself literally trying to get ANY paying RN position. Out in Okinawa they basically live off Volunteers. I once had a LT ask me if I could just send my kids to daycare more often so that I could work more, for free. Blows my mind.  

Fast track 3 years later and no ICU experience, so I thought hey NP would be super cool too. But then the more I sat and thought about it I just felt like I was letting my former self down, not going after the dream I had originally set out for. So, I backed out of the program 2 weeks before it started. Honestly, it was like I could take a deep breath again. It ended up being the best decision for our family because Alvie decided to get out of the Marines and his job search situation would have been a nightmare with me in school. 

So, I decided I better get it in gear and get to the ICU if I just dropped out of my program. Luckily I worked some magic (more like begged my boss) and off I went on my transfer to ICU. 

And  here. I. am. 

Have I mentioned I love donuts????? 


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