Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nakijin Castle Ruins: Cherry Blossoms

Nakijin Castle Ruins 
In Okinawa there are a few places to see Sakura during blossom season. Most are up North and a good hour and a half drive for the majority of military families living here. We had gone to Nago last year in search of good blossoms without any luck. Sunday we went to Mt. Yaedake and it was gorgeous up the mountain but you couldn't stop to really enjoy them so on Tuesday we set out to look one last time. We went to Nakijin Castle Ruins for this and goodness we got LUCKY! They were PERFECTION. I have friends who have lived on the island and not gotten to see them so full on the trees as we were here. So, if you are in Okinawa GO NOW! Take the kids out of school ( I didn't say that) and head up to Nakijin Castle Ruins before they are gone for the year. 
By the way, the castle ruins are also pretty awesome to check out. Due to typhoons here the castle is less preserved as many castles we have seen in other countries but it has been here since the 14th century. The way the Japanese/Okinawan/Ryuku Kingdom built their castles was far different in comparison to Castelo De Sao Jorge we visited in Portugal so it was neat showing Stella how different the world is. I would say this is a must see, even when it is not Sakura season. Put it on your OkiBucketlist!  
     All in all I am telling you RUN don't walk and get up North to see the Sakura now, you won't be disappointed! 

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