Sunday, February 14, 2016

Japanese Cherry Blossoms : Mt. Yaedake

Sakura blossoms
The first year getting on the island was a whirlwind, so I missed the cherry blossoms and last year I went and saw them but they weren't quite ready. This is our final year so I wanted to make sure I got the FULL Cherry Blossom Experience! They are blooming late this year due to the abnormal cold we got in mid-January BUT to my luck they were in full glory on Mt. Yaedake on Valentines day. 

I have to say, the roads were covered with breathtaking views of cherry blossoms but, I couldn't really stop to get those photos. Plus, even at the best parts it was scary to have the kids on the side of the mountain. So, just believe me when I say the pictures don't do it justice and if you ever get the chance to go see them in real life you need to. You can smell them just walking down the roads and really they just allude all things Japanese. Peaceful, friendly, inviting and breathtaking. 

Two years ago Valentines day ceased to exist when my Kyle went to heaven. Him and I growing up always made fun of people who loved to plant flowers and garden. He would be making fun of me more than anyone in this world with all these posts about flowers. I can just hear him in my head saying, " Damn KaDee, look at you and your big old family, are you sure you aren't mormon??" Man, what I would do to have you making fun of me again. I miss you every single day and it never gets easier but today, I felt you with me looking at those flowers and driving up that windy mountain like we did at Mt. Charleston. I don't think this will ever get easier, I just pray I never forget our memories. These flowers are for you brother. I love you and miss you.

Stella saw a bee! At least she tried to save Henry.. Oh my life.

Henry of coarse had to steal the show and decide to finally crawl while we were playing!!!! 

In one week I have gone to Zanpa, the beach, seen the cosmos, went to the lantern festival and found cherry blossoms at Mt. Yae…. if I am not trying to get my Okinawa bucket list done then I think I may have lost my mind. BUT ITS JUST SO FREAKING GORGEOUS I CAN'T HELP IT!!!!!

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  1. these pics are so great! and your tribute to kyle was sweet. what a cute family!