Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Henry 9 months

Henry 9 months.... kinda

 My little Henry. 

So, when Henry turned 9 months I wasn't feeling like taking pictures. But, it just so happens that 9 months is my favorite age in babies. I truly love every single thing he does right now, (except what's out of his control... like cutting 4 teeth in 3 weeks). I wish I would have taken these 2 weeks ago and also like I usually do, nakie, but hey! I love this cutie of mine. He is a crawling machine and gets around the house faster than you could imagine. He still is an eating machine and I love watching him spit his binky out to get a taste of food. He loves Ian and every morning when Ian wakes up he crawls to him and lays on him and grabs his hair. He loves giving me hugs and now even on cue big open mouth kissies. My babytime is fleeting and I am feeling so utterly sad watching him grow. But, each day he does something new and it warms my heart like nothing else in this world! Here are the few I snapped before bed. 

 See all those teeth!!! ^^^^^^ That's 4 on top and 2 on bottom!!! The other kids hadn't even broken ONE yet!

He has everything in his mouth. All the time.

I Love you Henry. Stay sweet. 


  1. he's thinking..more teeth means more food ;) what a sweetheart cutie pie!