Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trash beach / Zanpa cove

So, Mickelle had a friend who had been to this gorgeous beach up by Cape Zanpa. So, of coarse as soon as the sun poked out we decided to head over there.

It was definitely gorgeous... but the beach was covered in trash. Now, not like sea glass beach where it's just beautiful sea glass everywhere. This was straight up, old shoes and TRASH.  Stella found a coconut! Which, I have never ever seen any trees with coconuts on the island ever, so we are thinking all this stuff washed up from somewhere. The ocean was gorgeous but sadly with 4 kiddos who wanted to play, we couldn't stay. So we headed over to Zanpa, walked down a little path and found our own little secluded spot. Perfect for the kids!  #winning

First pictures are from the little trash beach.  
We said bye to that beach, maybe it will be nicer another day. But somehow we don't think so. 

Here's some from Zanpa. 
  I mentioned I've been obsessed with Yoga right??? hah 
I think a beach day was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you God for sending us such a beautiful day, and me such a good friend. :)

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