Friday, October 16, 2015

Osaka, Japan

Hey guys!
So, we took a little getaway this past weekend to celebrate making it through having another baby and of coarse one month back at work that I was already completely sick of!
When you have a baby in Japan it takes TIME, lots of TIME to get them citizenship and a passport. So, at almost 3 months old we still have no passport therefore the only places you could go have to stay within Japan. Therefore Osaka and Kyoto was my choice for Henry's very first Vacation. Also, our first attempt with 3!

Osaka Japan
We left right after work on Friday and made it to Osaka by dinnertime. However, we didn't realize we would need to take an hour long train ride " Choo Choo Bo Bo" ( as Ian would later remind us) to get there. So after a long day we cozied up in our suite ( thank you HHonors points) at the gorgeous Hilton Osaka.

We spend most of Saturday just adventuring around swimming at the pool and then checking out Osaka Castle. This castle was pretty sweet with an awesome mote around that we imagined a bunch of crocodiles used to inhabit.


We weren't sure what we were walking towards, but it turned out to be a wedding! A traditional Japanese wedding. It was extremely fancy and intense and I was so excited to see such a beautiful part of Japanese culture. 

The one AWESOME thing I heard about Osaka was the Dotonbori. This is a street in the heart of Osaka that is just FULL of nightlife, lights, shops and food. There were so many people it was just a sea of dark heads. We thought about enjoying the boats that went through the dotonbori canal but our tired babies had been walking all day ( us carrying them) so we opted out and just spent the evening at a yummy Italian restaurant ( we don't really love Japanese food lol) and then walked around eating some delicious sweets.

Ian has a waffle OBSESSION so of coarse we checked out this place that had tons of flavored waffles. Turned out they weren't as great as they smelled, but not bad.

The Glico man is the iconic man originally installed in 1935, the giant neon athlete on a blue track is a symbol of Glico Candy. I guess they have also dressed him up in different ways to represent current events happening in Osaka. Thanks wiki.

Saturday night our awesome friends the Moroney's met up with us in Osaka so Sunday was a fun filled day for the girls which included more swimming subways and a train to Kyoto to check out some of Gion street.

The second half of our trip we visited Kiyomizu-dera, Fushimi-Inari, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and Kikaju-ji.

The next post gives a sneak peak of our next adventure!

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