Friday, May 2, 2014

Baby Baseball Wall

Baseball wall!

I have been scanning pinterest for the last year trying to find ideas for Ian’s bedroom. Since we knew we would be moving to Okinawa in December I didn’t even dance with the idea of making a room for him in Arizona, so I have been waiting patiently for Oki.

I FINALLY got the chance and let me just tell you it is NOT as easy as it looks!  I used for my inspiration and tried to just gauge what I needed from her.

I used a bright red color and a grey for the lining of stitches. I suggest you not get very much, because I bought 0.2 Liter containers and I didn’t even use a ¼ of the paint. I would tell you the exact color but well..... you see my dilemma. 
 I started with measuring the room and I cut a string at 1/3 the length of the room. My husband held the string in each corner of the room while I made a circle with my pencil attached to the string. That was the EASY part!   

You're welcome for this one.... 

I used a small paintbrush for the grey line and I used a sponge for the stitches. Word of advice, be patient and take breaks. The stitches will not turn out perfect unless you take ALL day. I had a few meltdowns as I realized that painting is not in my scope of expertise and I was convinced it was going to turn out terrible and I would have to paint over the entire thing.

Lone behold, it ended up turning out okay!! From far away it looks MUCH better than up close!!!

I am SO happy that I did this on his wall because I truly feel like his room is now HIS and not just a room we put all of his stuff for the next three years. It is definitely going to be a pain in 3 years when we have to paint over this but, as I have been told my some fellow Marine wives. You have to make each place home, even though you know you’re moving…if it doesn’t feel like home while you’re there you will never be happy with where you are.

 I definitely want to do a few more things for his room to be actually complete! ( Like making a new cover for that chair) I also really want to build/make the large Ruler's for his wall so that we can measure how tall he gets and then always take it with us!!  But, I will save that for another day!  Ps. I LOVE BASEBALL!!!!

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