Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Churaumi Aquarium

This aquarium is where just about everyone goes when they first get here. Anyone and everyone has been here and knows all about it. Our family took almost 4 months to finally get the courage/time to drive the 1.5 hour drive up to this amazing aquarium!

It was TOTALLY worth it, except for some minor details that left us not getting to see the dolphin show and mantatee pool ( more reason to convince the hubs to come back.)

This aquarium is the 3rd largest in the world. It was 2nd largest for a long long time until recently dubai made one to take the infamous 2nd spot ( thank you AFN radio for that fun fact.)

The big deal about this aquarium is the whale sharks. They are MASSIVE, and honestly when you are standing next to the tank you almost feel as if you're swimming under these huge animals. It's pretty amazing watching them all swim around and interact with one another. The dolphins were even messing with the whale sharks while we were there.

With this aquarium being the third largest in the world I still have to say how I feel bad for these guys! The tank is large, yes, BUT it's not large enough for these fish to have lives! They just swim around in circles and it breaks my heart a little. (rant over)

Stella was in awe of how amazing gods creatures of the sea were and just wanted to jump from one thing to the next  as fast as possible. ( which worked out for our timeline) Ian was the cutest thing ever! He pulled himself up to standing holding onto one of the little railing poles and all of these Japanese women were laughing and pointing (sweetly) at him. It was precious because he just kept staring and looking up at the massive amount of water and fish above him. 

Overall it was a great experience! Next time we will have to plan an entire day for this and visit all of the other attractions as well so Stella can enjoy them, and I can feel bad for the animals.

 These Jellyfish were AWESOME!
There is a tiny little bear right there in the front!

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