Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy 30th Alvaro! Barcelona, Spain - Camp Nou

I just wanted to dote on my husband fully on his 30th birthday, and show WHY we chose Spain for our Christmas/New Years adventure.  

This man. There are so many memorable moments we have together that I just can't pinpoint one. Today is his 30th birthday. One he has been looking/not looking forward to for a while. He keeps saying it's a pivotal step out of his twenties, that he really is an adult now. Well, let me just say he is 100% a kid at heart. He plays with our kiddos like it's no ones business and he is the first one to buy the huge slushy or face painting at legoland/disney. He always tells me not to spoil the kiddos, that he didn't have it so good, but then wants to get them something. He loves completely and fully and it's humbling to watch him adore our children. 
He is fully devoted to his career and bettering himself in so many ways. This year he has started his Masters at USC and his brain is just SO SO big. I have been told by some of his friends, " I really didn't think he was that smart, I was sure he was going to fail then he got a 98%! He just acts like he's not smart."  But, for real, he doesn't hide it. He is the first to correct you when you're wrong and if you catch him at the O'Club he will definitely fill your night with sophisticated meaningful conversations. Usually about finance but now a lot about global supply chain. He's an amazing marine and I am so thankful that our kids have him as a role model to show them how true hard work does pay off. That nothing comes free, but bask in your triumphs and remember that success isn't only about money in the bank, but about the people around you making memories to cherish forever.

He is a full time student, full time Marine, full time dad, training for a full marathon and has just added to his schedule 'Coach' for Stella's soccer team. He does all this, but still manages to make it home every night for dinner and a bedtime story with the kiddos.

He is the HOTTEST guy ever. I mean for real. His hair, 'perfect' and his smile is to die for and thanks for giving that perfect strong jawline to our babes ;)  I will also have to hear about this for like ever because he's gorgeous and he knows it. haha

He loves hot cheetos and drinking the kids little juices. He could eat a whole pound of shrimp pasta if you would cook it for him and his idea of a good time is sitting together and watching movies (with snacks). He wasn't a big traveler either and never wanted to travel with kids but now he is the one who wants to plan more trips and loves making memories all together.
He loves me although I am a complete hot mess 99% of the time. He encourages me in ways that are exactly what I need and helps me to become a better person than I am. He is in so many ways exactly like me, but so many ways completely opposite but honestly I think we are just the best fit ever. I love him so much that I seriously could just go on and on and on. 

I am so thankful for this handsome guy, and I know his friends and family feel the exact same way. 

I mean seriously, without you WHO would eat all the popsicles!???!?!?!? 

Happy 30th Birthday Alvaro. 

Here's to 30 more. 

Now, below is an ode to all things fútbol and what my hubs loves most! F.C. Barcelona! 

Camp Nou
 When my husband and I talked about taking a big trip we threw out two big choices, either go to Spain or go to Australia. We frequently got the, " You're in Asia, why would you go all the way to Europe??" Well, we did our homework and honestly flying from LAX to MAD took almost the same amount of time and surprisingly was more expensive. Also, Australia is extremely expensive (20$ for a hamburger, no drink/fries). Plus, it actually takes a really long time to get there from here too just because of all the island hopping you have to do first.

I never really had Spain on my forefront for travels, ever BUT my husband who is a die hard futbol fan wanted to go to Camp Nou and see FC Barcelona play. He said since he was a little boy he dreamed of going to that stadium. I did my research on the other parts of Spain and the architecture won me over. So it was settled.

When we got here my husband was like a kid in a candy shop. I could just see how happy he was being there and showing it to us. He had never been, so of coarse we scheduled our trip around a game at the stadium. I didn't end up going with the kids due to the high prices and that the games are really late at night but, he did go.

He said it was AMAZING. He watched them sweep the opposing team as well as experience such a lifelong dream he has had. I was so happy for him, a little bummed that I didn't try harder to go with him but all in all I think it was a moment he will forever cherish.

By the way, this is one of the only photos we got of us all on our entire trip! For some reason I just didn't have the chance to ask people around us to take our picture, or one of the kids was always sleeping and in the stroller, or throwing a tantrum!

One downside (if you like to enjoy the occasional cocktail), They DO NOT serve any type of Alcohol at the stadium!!!! ( They did during our tour might I add). But, during the game my husband said everyone was drinking non-alcoholic beer. Definitely different than in the states where I am pretty sure many people go just to drink and socialize. Looking at it from the security perspective however it seems like a smart idea considering the stadium holds 100,000 people, and if you've seen the Spanish party... I wouldn't want to see the aftermath of that!  HA

Happy birthday Alvaro, thanks for opening my eyes and heart to the most happiness I could ever have. I would be lost without you.  

Always your punkin pie eater.

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